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Bumblefish Sushi & More Launches Production Facility in Kansas City

KANSAS CITY, MO (May 25, 2008)  Bumblefish Sushi & More recently launched a state-of-the-art facility to meet the
demands of its catering clients in the greater Kansas City area.  This is the third location for the fast growing, privately-held
chain of quick-casual Asian eateries.

Bumblefish has ramped up production since opening in March and expects to handle all catering and deliveries from this
location by late 2008.  “We’re happy to be a part of the vibrant scene in historic Westport Kansas City”, announced Paul
Scholla, Bumblefish’s Chief Financial Officer.  “Our new, larger kitchen allows our team to experiment and expand our
growing menu of catering options.”   

“Since opening a few months ago, Bumblefish can develop new products and recipes at a greater pace, which is helping
us roll out menu innovations to our East Coast locations,” added James Dickey, Bumblefish’s Vice President of Operations.

About Bumblefish, Inc.

Bumblefish Sushi & More is a leader in the quick, casual sushi segment. Bumblefish opened its first store in Kansas City
in 2005 and operates other stores in the greater Kansas City, Washington, D.C., and Philadelphia areas today. Bumblefish
is committed to promoting a healthier eating consciousness to our customers. Our menu spans a variety of pan-Asian
favorites, with new standards being introduced every few months. Bumblefish is headquartered in Kansas City, MO.  
Additional information is available on the Company’s website,

For questions or inquiries, please contact:
David K. Watts
Toll-free: 877-234-7490
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