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Bumblefish to Sell Beer, Wine and Sake in Virginia

ALEXANDRIA, VA (May 11, 2007) Bumblefish Sushi & More, Old Town's leading provider of grab and go sushi and neo-
Asian cuisine, today announces the unveiling of its beer, wine and sake menu. Part of a strategy to enhance its
dinner/evening meal offering, the restaurant has begun offering the following selections:

    -- Award-winning Hitachino White, Red Rice and Ginger Brew Ales from Japan
    -- World renown Sri-Lankan Lion Stout
    -- Thailand's popular Singha Lager
    -- Hakushika Junmai Ginjo cold sake
    -- Hakushika "Snow Beauty" unfiltered sake
    -- Choya Plum Wine which features a whole plum in every serving

"Our drink menu reflects our belief that we should offer the customer something unique, not just standard everyday fare,"
says Bumblefish president, Kent Scholla. "That's why we look for selections from all over Asia and believe we can create a
big market for these great products in the D.C. area."

About Bumblefish, Inc.
Bumblefish currently operates two quick service restaurants -- one in Kansas City, Missouri and one in Alexandria, Virginia.
Bumblefish products can be found at numerous retailers across the greater Kansas City region. The company also is the
in-house producer of sushi for one of Kansas City's largest grocery stores in Kansas City's historic Westport District. In
October 2006, Bumblefish established a food distribution arm which produces food products and other items for Kansas
City-based foodservice partners.


For questions or inquiries, please contact:
Toll-Free Phone: 877-234-7490